Service Canada

I got a call purporting to be Service Canada federal agency and claimed I had a arrest warrant under my name and I needed to do what he said to avoid the magistrate otherwise I would be arrested. It sounded like a african and he was pushing hard and saying he was coming after me. He called me on friday during lunch threatening me. They also called me as the security company and said they would drive to my address and kill me.


@76561199021873147#127284 This is a legit number. Please make sure you check the number to make sure its not spoofed before posting it.

@Snipez#127285 yeah but they did call as service canada using it spoofed saying they coming after me.

@76561199021873147#127286 what if it isnt spoofed and thats service canadas number how you know its spoofed

noone picks the phone up who is it i dono but they called me as service canada threatening me

@76561199021873147#127288 I checked the carrier. Its a phone company by the name of Telus. They dont provide VOIP services. I also called it and it went straight to the voice mail for a woman. Its a mobile phone number.

@Snipez#127291 you have to leave a message for her to call back, weird. Feel free to leave one with ur number. The answering machine is suspicious as well.