Service Canada Scam

I got a call from service Canada india department regarding my social security number, they stated that due to the serious allegations of fraud, and money laundering, as well as weapons dealing and drug trafficking, that my social security number would be blocked up along with windows 10 and my google browser or internet satellite. They said that these were due to serious fraudulent allegations by another party under my sin number and that I must pay a fee in bitcoins to unlock my windows 10 and bank account in bitcoins to have my accounts rebuilt due to the perpetrator, and that they were also calling as Microsoft because windows 10 was blocked. Then by doing so would be to avoid the magistrate and to avoid coming before the court to testify about serious fraud under the social security number. That then and only then windows 10 would get unblocked up along with netflix and paypal/amazon.

I got a text message (image Provided) from Bell Canada and rogers canada as well as fido and virgin mobile regarding my refund from the CCTS investigation in regards to data overage fee violations totaling $5000.00. In this instance, the text message first stated that the refund was to offer customers like myself help for first instance of 135.60. So I clicked on the link because as I stated I was expecting a refund due to the CCTS wireless code case of data cap violations and I confirmed that the interact etransfer was indeed for a refund due to overage fee violations as stated internet overage refund, since I had a active case file open with CCTS for wireless code violations totaling $5000.00 in refunds for violating several terms and codes and as well as the competition act. I called Bell Canada because the interac processing failed, and they said that they never refund customers and only give credits and terminate the customers services rendering the credits useless. So I contacted my bank and they stated that it takes 3-5 businesses days for interac transfers to show up and there was no unusual activity in the accounts due to scams. So I called interac on the text message number and had no record of a refund ever being issued by Bell Canada or rogers canada to me in regards to a CCTS wireless code data cap violation. So i dono about it. So I called the number in the text message and it took mky to the interac support services, of which I stated that someone was blocking up my interac etransfer and my bank account. I called back my bank and they told me that they would have to block up my account due to frauds and scams. But all i know is i filed a complaint with the CCTS due to wireless code violations and with the competition bureau for section 52 of the competition act, and all I got was scammed and blocked up.
The phone number goes to a call center for interac 18198009725

So then the bank told me to call visa/mastercard support to block up my credit account, where I called the text message of visa/mastercard that got blocked due to suspicious activities. and also gave them my info as well as interac support.

So then I got suspicious, because I started to feel like I was getting scammed. So I called the Police services, and they told me that there was nothing they could do, and its possible its real but it could be a scam. All I know is there is serious wireless code violations, and that I was expecting a refund, and I never got it.