Service Canada Scam

I receive a call from Service Canada, saying that I had to pay them a fee in bitcoins to avoid the magistrate. So I called service canada and they said that they dont accept bitcoins as a official payment method but they didnt deny it as a unofficial payment method. They also said that microsoft could call you as I said microsoft Redmond called me about my computer that was locked with ransomware demanding the bitcoins too.

@76561199021873147#131957 In my Service Canada calls. a RCMP comes on to threaten.

He is Indian scammer with fake name “Nate Shaw”

@76561199021873147#131957 what’s the number?

mine are African Americans and indians or mexicans

@user5205#131960 I think its spoofed so i cant post

@76561199021873147#131963 Many Canada service scammers are in Delhi and Mumbai (India) call centers About 5000-6000 Nigerians a living in Delhi (not all are scammers)

Here are some fake Service Canada scammers - Nigerians in India:

David Bowdich, Kennedy, and Nora White

@drwat#131977 I dont care if there not getting caught then I will fall for it.