Sequel from +18888985514 (Amazon Refund Scam 3)

Previously from “+18888985514 Amazon Refund Scam 3
Remember what i’ve called fake amazon support for showing off my gay nsfw stuff with someone.

He added me on snapchat for blackmailing me, he says i’m going to get arrested but it’s blackmailing. but i’ve reported to Snapchat Support hopefully they will sort this out, if this isn’t going well. i will report to Action Fraud as well.

Proof is here if needed.

For those who’s reversed connection to this number. please continue to destroy those computers as well.

Please note: My IP address contains 4G and they won’t affect of my mobile provider what i’m using. I’m pretty sure 4G is safe.

I would highly advise against using platforms like Snapchat to communicate with scammers, even if it’s not using your main account.

The last thing you want is to have personal information leaked or have the scammer know who they are interacting with.