Senior medical scam

2078025660. Senior Medicare scam.

207-802-5660 goes to an Indian telemarketing service who then connects you to what I believe is an actual insurance agent.

However, when I requested they email me info, the “insurance agent” went into the dog and pony script. FACT: you not NOT required to enroll before they email you information. This is in violation of clear MEDICARE marketing laws. This is why they won’t email me info, because I would find out who they are. This tells us the real agent knows they are in violation of the law.


It’s a very typical scam. They are calling in violation of DNC registry and TCPA. When you confront them and request their legal name and company’s legal name, they’d either hang up or get belligerent and curse you out. I have noticed that many of these violators are also US-based scammers who call daily. I am nowhere near senior citizens’ age, and they call me obnoxiously too. Here is the underlying theme: most of their numbers are VOIP numbers registered under Peerless Network or Inteliquent/Onvoy/Neutram Tandem.