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Senior Health Advisors, LLC
The urls above simply came from a quick google search. Not 100% if the facebook url is the same company but given the page only has 16 likes & 15 followers & hasn’t been updated scince 2011 (With the only comment being a complaint that they spoof numbers & call at all times of the day) I’m going out on a limb saying they probably are. I got a few calls from them yesterday and 2 calls from them this morning. They had a foreign accent but I’m not to sure what it was. It could have been asian or possibly filipino. They are calling asking if you need health insurance and if you are on medicare/medicaid. Oddly enough if you say you are on one of the two options, they say sorry but we are unable to help you & then hang up. They are probably trying to sell you some discount or reward card plan while passing it off as insurance. Those types of programs usually don’t work in conjuction with real medical insurance from what I read a while back. If you have no insurance scammers will try to act as if that is what they are selling you but it will be one of these stupid reward plans. Most legit insurance companies have their own reward services so there is no need for some 3rd party rewards card. That’s assuming it’s even real at all which it probably isn’t. I called the (800) 828-4819 number on their facebook page & spoke to the secretary named Lourdes. I grilled her about her company & she seemed genuinely surprised about what I had told her. She said there are only a few people there and their boss usually makes the calls himself to follow up on the mailing information they send to people. She said they don’t use call centers of any sort for contacting customers. They just use mail & the bossman does follow up calls in response to that. I told her it still sounds like a scam & proceeded to ask her for any social media the company might have besides facebook. She said her boss told her that they were listed on the BBB website (they’re not) & admitted that the facebook site is not really in use anymore. Other than that there is no info on them. The secretary said she got hired a year ago & said she didn’t understand why the company would not come up for me on the BBB website because her boss told her they were registered. I told her there is nothing to understand. Either scammers are impersonating your company or your company actually is a scam. She was speechless & then said she would ask her boss about why they aren’t registered. I advised against it because I didn’t want her to lose her job if I was wrong about this place. I also didn’t want to put her in any danger either. Even though she stuttered & stammered a lot (like a scammer trying to think up lies off the cuff) she seemed to me like an honest person who gets taken advantage of rather easily. The conversation then shifted to scammers/telemarketers and how they are way more dangerous than the average person realizes. She then proceeded to tell me that she recently had her identity stolen & was in the process of correcting that. We must have talked for over an hour. By then her boss had already gone home for the weekend so I told her I would try to find out some more about her company & her boss before saying goodbye. I said if I find out anything else I would contact her without her boss’ knowledge. I told her that it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep hers eyes peeled for anything suspicious on the job & to also keep them peeled for a different job altogether. I really am convinced that the secretary Lourdes is not a scammer and is just a gullible person caught up in this scam company. That would definitely explain why she was a victim of identity theft to begin with. Before you grill me on that last comment, yes, I know it can happen to anyone of us. I’m asking politely if anyone could find out anything else about this company & if you do call, I respectfully urge folks to not take it out on the poor secretary. Thanks-

Got a couple more calls today from their scam call center trying to transfer me through to them but failing due to the call dropping.