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Hey @Lecter and other powers that be.

Wondering if it’s possible to set the Discourse backend up so that when one conducts a search, the results appear ordered from latest thread to earliest?

If this is already possible via a filter or something I’m missing could you please advise.

One other thing - will us pleb users be reissued with our badges E.g., ScamHunter etcetera?

I know you are all very busy and in the grand scheme of things these are not pressing issues I’d be the first to say but wondering is all.

Appreciate the work you put into all of this guys and gals … you know who you are :+1:


I second this. I was given the Trusted badge a few days before this update.

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Badges like Scam Hunter, Windows, Linux, and Scambaiter can be added by users via the groups page. As far as the trusted thing goes, the thresholds have changed, users that met those thresholds have automatically been reassigned those roles.

As for the sorting issue; I’ll look into it, that may require a bit more work than just changing a setting.

Re: Order of Search results - research required -for possible SORT BY functionality - got it.

Re badges: There is no ScamHunter group as you did specifically mention - there IS however Scambaiter - same horse?

Furthermore there is no Donator category - I have Donated so a Group for those that have done so would be nice.

Also, I was Verified which is now a locked group with only a select group of head honchos in there.

Are the things I mention still a work in progress perhaps?

Again, this is not a massive issue to me personally and I’m certainly not trying to cause any friction, but … all I can see at this point are you guys wasting time on individually replying to people with their noses out of joint should you fail to give back to them what they were issued with for their time, effort and contributions in any sense of the word.

I must say that the old site displayed ScamHunter, Donator and Verified in my case … for anyone who is a relatively frequent flyer including myself it gave me a sense of somehow belonging so I’d ask you to understand how some might be feeling excluded at this point.

If these are things you are working on then great - I’ll eat humble pie.

Thanking you again for all the work you do in maintaining the “community” and feel free to take this with a grain of salt if you must - Cheers

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These are all planned fixes, they’re a bit slow to implement as we’re trying to minimize downtime by bundling multiple fixes into one. Just keep in mind myself and all of the other staff are unpaid, doing this in our free time, and may have other obligations at times :wink:

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All of which I have at least implied that I understand and am thankful for :+1:

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