Scum bag scammer

Call this stupid scammer’s +1 8667532724

Edit: adding a new number
Edit: Done

Why did this lead me to the Microsoft store?

@FOXYCallum1#7998 this is a scam. Google the number.

Is this tech support?

@thunder#8006 Yeah i see but it keeps leading me to the Microsoft Store - Screenshot by Lightshot

This is what Google said >

And Microsoft Site > Imgur: The magic of the Internet


So I think It`s not a scam!
I really talked with them and I gave them allow to my PC ( my real one not vm)
I told them that I can`t update my PC ..
And they fix it for me .... free ,
They gave me a case id as well.
And when they try to connect to my pc they gave me this site>

Nice try !

@SebMcAllister#8020 It’s definitely not Microsoft, just because their number is registered on Google Voice as being Microsoft doesn’t mean that they are in any way legitimate.

@Boloss what do you mean?


@R34P3R#8053 IDC … But they are legit… I will call them again and I will record all…

But , Number show up on microsoft and say contact us …

And when I called frist time there was in American then the American gave me a case ID and he transferred me to a Indian girl , she said that She have to connect in my computer ,

She shared her real details like name , where the call center is … Her namr was like Muhurya Junita and she said that the call centre is in New Deli …

I told them that a lot of scams going on … And she said nice to be updated , she said that the pop-ups are just java scripts … And yeahhh IDK what should I say … I’m thinking is legit…

@SebMcAllister#8107 They’re a scam, what are you going on about?

@AllowMeToCollect#7997 where did you find this number? i called and i cant get past the customer ID thing

he said i had to pay $50,000 US Dollars and they would send a beuitiful girl to retrieve my laptop (even though i said desktop 15 times)

@chrisack425 XD you mean dextop lol

As soon as someone picks up ask how many scammers it takes to screw in a light bulb if you get the right guy he will always say 500 lol

It takes 1000 scammers to screw in a lightbulb. That dude just can’t count past 500

I</s>m not talking about this number > +1 8667532724<br/> I<e>m talking about +1 800 642 7676