Scams TomTom Garmin

Hello folks , i have some info about a refund “scam” for tom tom , my elderly father unfortenly was a victim of this scam , im not sure “what site” he went on as it happened last “August” , yes he gave them a 199 $ payment to get a new “Tom Tom” gps , which didnt come in “obviously” so last week , the same scam company called for a follow up “refund” so dad answered the phone and at first i wasnt sure what was going on , i walk by and they were telling him to “download” connect me program which i knew was a scam there , and i didnt shut down in time , we had to take it to a technician who informed us they put 3 trojans and needed to do a complete reset of the computer , They call themselves GEO GPS TRACKER LLC , number for questions “on fake reciept” 1-571-286-9907 , apparently located in Verigeos LLC , 42882 Truro Parrish , VA 20148 , and another number 571-352-7956 , The “clerk” id name is Shankur Puthran , call back number 1-800-618-4630 , “number that comes up on phone” is 1-831-999-3660 name that comes up is GPS GARMIN , And another number 1-88-892-3477 GARMIN GPS LCC . im new to this site , so delete if not aloud but just dont want anybody to fall for these scums ! unfort my dad is out 299$CAD lesson learned “i tried to call numbers” and never got through .