Scams for 12-23-2021

Scam Number: Norton (800) 450-7081

Extra Info: Wants to screen-connect. Callback was (805) 395-6333 Raymond.

Dear Customer,

We are glad to inform you that you completed 1 year with Norton 360
Advance today. Hope you are enjoying your services. Your 3year
subscription will be started from today onwards for the same. $483.99
will be debited from your saved checking account as per your
instruction. This amount will show under the name of “NORTON” on your
statements and this may take 24 to 48 hours to reflect on your bank
statements (vary bank to bank).





Norton 360 Advance

(Includes: -3year subscription, 5 devices, cloud storage & backup for
50gb, VPN, Disk cleaner)




(Inclusive of all taxes)

This is a pre-approved charge. So, you don’t have to do anything. If
it does not show on your statements on the same day, please wait for
2-3 business day to appear charge. In any case you want to change or
cancel your subscription Call Now + 1 (800) 450-7081 our Customer Care
Executive will be helping you out in every way.


Norton LifeLock
350 Ellis St, Mountain View,
California -94073, USA


(866) 212-2132

Amazon Refund Impersonators via text spam.

Got the text at around 10:20 am ET.

Tried the number at 10:45 am ET. It rings, but they’re not picking up so it may be too early after their scam text blast. I’ll try again in about 10 minutes.

Text message:

Thank you for shopping with AMAZON US
Item:Lenovo Laptop 
amount: $588.68 debited from your account via net banking.
Order id: AMZ09921
Once your package ships, we will send you an email.
For any assistance call 1866-212-2132

(800) 450-7081 Dude is so triggered that he sounds like he’s going to have a heart attack. :joy::joy: They block after the first call so I can’t flood them, but I keep changing my caller ID, this guy is so, so, so raging mad!!


Scammer’s Number: Electric Company (800) 869-8180

Extra info: Human trash calling people to ‘disconnect’ their electric. I made up an account number and electricity company name and he was so happy so swindle me.
They want to get access to an online account, I told them I don’t trust banks.
So then they offer to “arrange a payment process” and lo-and-behold I gotta pay with gift cards! Money Pack :frowning:

These guys are American, was able to talk with Alex Martinez extension 103.

Direct phone for Alex Martinez: 929-421-7226


(817) 969-3395 sum financial monkeys

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I’ve dealt with these idiots in the past. I called from a New York area code, they told me they were Con Edison. I call from a New Jersey area code, they told me they were public service electric and gas. I called from a Pennsylvania area code, they told me they were met Ed. These idiots are threatening to turn off people’s electricity, and the middle of the winter. Commencing to flood them five, four, three, two…


I must have talked to the same guy at the Norton (800) 450-7081 number. He was very triggered.


I detected a New York accent when I first spoke with one of them, and then I asked another one of these asshats if he spoke Spanish. He indeed does, so disgusting they decide to take advantage of people like this. Horrific thieves.


They pray on the elderly. I was born and raised in New York City. There’s a huge cold front here, there are threatening to shut people’s utilities off. I reported it both by voicemail, and email to the provider. We’ll see if anything happens. In the meantime I am flooding them with all six of my numbers. And calling them with my Google voice and my text now. These people are unbelievable!


You are an angel, Alex called me and seems a bit irritated, his personal phone is 929-421-7226. I will string him along a bit and then call him later.
He’s trash :frowning:


Their VoIP provider is: Bandwidth Carrier, Inc. (844) 567-4983
If anyone wants to call them to complain.

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(888) 228-9365

Amazon Refund Scam via Text Message (below).
Active 12:15 pm ET 12/23/2021

Seems to be the same group as before. Both sent app store links from 760-area code numbers, which I then flooded with photos of Indian scammers under arrest. They hung up immediately. :rofl:

Text-back numbers: ‪(760) 313-0063, ‪(760) 309-1305‬

Your-card debited of $3563.54 for Farberware Dishwasher at order id RT60821BQPOE on 12-22-2021. If you DO NOT, Contact Now 1-888-228-9365

Microsoft 365 Scam.
(805) 398-3559


the 888 number is hosted by RingCentral - you can chat with them to report it (, click on the little chat bubble. It will ask you about 7 times to log in, but if you just respond with ‘human’ they’ll eventually connect you :slight_smile: )

the 760 numbers are hosted by Bandwidth. You can call to report or submit a ticket (though ticketing only allows one number to be reported at a time).

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Amazon Refund Scam

(850) 789 2828

Active 1:10 PM ET 12/23/2021

TeamViewer download, yadda yadda.

Reported on Reddit r/ScamNumbers

Amazon Refund Email Spam
Claims you have been charged for 2 S21+ phones

I have been calling this Amazon Refund Scam number at 888-228-9365. So far they have called me back and I have talked to a scammer at these four numbers:
(206) 259-7007
(949) 590-8604
(662) 527-3144
(213) 429-6044


Wow! This will keep us busy for a while!! Thnks!

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352-580-1474 PCH Jamaican

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Three out of the four of these numbers are hosted by Onvoy - I’ve emailed them a list of 7 numbers to investigate, and have left a message for Bandwidth’s fraud team for another 4 numbers. Hopefully they’ll get crackin’ on not only shutting these numbers down but also limiting access to these scammers from using their services, in whatever manner they have available :slight_smile:


352-580-1474 PCH folks hit up
can’t really hoard today :persevere: