Scamming scripts

I’ve been looking for scripts that scammers use for a while now and to my avail there are not many to be found, I thought instead of using my less than creative brain to replicate one I’d ask the internet. Does anyone have scripts or documents of what scammers will read off of to maintain “professionalism” or whatever? If so please send them my way <3 <3 <3


guess u have to listen to scammers and then take scripts off of what scammers say lol


I was worried that’d be the case, Though dyslexic transcriptions are sure to be littered with mistakes. The search continues…

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Many good scambaiters have transferred such scripts. Just do scambaiting and if you feel the scammer is new, he/she will follow the script.
One script


I found this one in the description of one of Jim Browning’s Videos


Current ‘state of the art’ voice recognition is actually pretty good. I have a long-term goal of training a scambaiting AI using GPT-2. Right now, I have a fully automated voice recognition robot answering calls with a script of 100 or so responses and the ability to remember basic ‘states’ such as pretending if a ‘computer’ is on/off, if a ‘browser’ is opened or closed.

Anyways, here’s a transcript of a few kitboga hour tech support long calls pulled from youtube. If this helps, I can probably run it through some speaker identification to mark who is the scammer and who isn’t. If you have any other scam types/videos in mind, please let me know. Uploaded to privatebin because pastebin thought it was hatespeech or something:


Welcome to the community and holy shit, Thank you so much!