Scammers (Windows)

+18884918901 they charge $3999,99

Have ya called them yet? Are they aggressive?

edit: yes. they told me “hey nigger”

Yes i did, i let him to go to my VM he did scan my vm using cmd, i gave him a fake credit card but i said that i got it when i was 2 years old he started to doubting about me (I said i live in the UK since he spotted that its an UK card), he asked me for my phone number i gave him trumps number then he went to syskey but i said its a vm madarchod then he started to insult me.

@Jennyfromtheblock1996x#8881 Good job. I’m just calling up and playing the navashield laugh (Navashield Laughs At You For 10 Minutes - YouTube), want to join in?

@Starmute#8882 How?

@Jennyfromtheblock1996x#8884 Call on fireRTC ( and use your phone to play that audio into the microphone.

My call with them (with a funny voice I spoke):

I told him I got really drunk and had sex with my Epson printer. He actually fell for it.

@trustednerd#8887 How could he fix your printer that you had sex with by connecting to your computer? lmfao

@scraps210#8888 They have an IQ of 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001 (and that’s being generous) so are you really surprised? LOL!

Lol… He made a strange roaring sound as soon as I called. I didn’t even say anything!

@Starmute#8890 lol

They told me that they were from Greece and they fix keys. They even told me that the time in Greece is 7 am, even though its almost 3 am xD

What are you suppost to say like what is the popup? or something?

Also another guy picked up and said “Hello this is the NYPD” lol

Do these guys block skype calls, FireRTC doesn’t work for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

No one pick up when I call .

Guys, I had sex with the printer again and I got the printer pregnant:

Spoiler alert: He fell for it.