Scammers that are able to get us Fellow Scambaiters Cross Connected

Fellow leaders and scambaiters,
I would like to ask if there could be a new category put on the page and if this could be engineered and become available and be put on the table for all of us fellow scambaiters for when we are being CROSS CONNECTED, as this has become more prevalent, and we are unaware of it or are suspecting it, as I was aware of two of us fellow scambaiters but then there were two others that I was not aware of, one of which was a leader.
It could consist of a code word or even a number that could be shared on the website category page. So we could go to our website and click for that code for our scam callout session. this could be changed as you leaders think it needs changed. I know I could work a code into my scam session each time if I thought it was needed to say to another individual scambaiter.
It wouldn’t have to be any more than three digits or a simple word that we scambaiters can pull from the website and update ourselves as needed. And I think we would feel more relaxed knowing we had this as this has happened to a lot of us and it has happened to me now four different times.
this is just a thought.


So exactly how would this work if it does get implemented.

I am not sure how this could exactly be implemented but I am going to give you an idea that you leaders could refine later if needed for us scambaiters.
Starting with something very simple that could be applied into our general discussion for the day by simply asking the quick question what is our three digit crosscode for the day. i dont see that being too much of an issue. hell we share everything else about this stuff. What would it matter if we shared something that is to our advantage and that possibly keeps us from stepping on each other’s toes.
But you leaders are the ones that would have to coalate to make these codes for the scambaiters. i know i would have that code on hand in case of a cross connect. So maybe we need our own code as you have been one of my four cross connect conversations that I did catch. There were two others that i did not and it does make you feel bad as we are not to be each other’s enemies. So give me the first one Firefighter and we can implement our own and maybe the others will follow suit that have been cross connected and you leaders can inform them of the simple code.
This is just my simple idea. i am sure you leaders could have a better one.

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I am a little confused as to why you would even need a code or code phrase if the scammer has crossed connected you with another scambaiter. It should be pretty obvious if they connected you together, they are aware you are scambaiting, wouldn’t it? So what purpose would a code serve?
If you need to signal to the other scambaiter something, then just make up a phrase, like 'Its getting pretty dark here" and the scammers would just ignore it.


And there it is…the precise reply I was waiting for. :+1: