Scammers Refund

I recently called the Gentech Company,and tricked them into believing that I was one of their customers and tricked them into believing that I was the real person just by giving them my customer id.They interestingly verified all my details verbally and all I had to do was to say yes.I demanded a refund and they said that they could refund me half the money .I told them that i would like to recieve it in my PayPal account.I was told to call tommorow with my PayPal details and my money would be transferred to it.Unfortunately i dont have a paypal account what should I do?

We could get Koko to log their PayPal login details since he has their computers ratted. @Koko We need your help.

Doubt he’d do that. Anything with money makes it easy to get caught.

He is smart enough to not use the details for anything. He wouldn’t do anything to make it any more illegal and apparent to the scammer. @R34P3R#6661

@FuelDaFlame#6663 I am still scared as I am in India,can I get arrested for doing these type of activities?

@ParodyGordon#6665 No

@1337mathster#6666 How can you say that when you are not in India.

You dont know that the only thing that works here is money and power.The Police can arrest 1000 o f innocents but not one scammer.

This is all due to lineancy in cyber laws.

@1337mathster is from India as well so he knows the laws. @ParodyGordon#6665

@FuelDaFlame#6673 Ok I didnt know that,my bad dawg.I deleted that comment,anyways.

They don’t use paypal in their computers, haven’t seen any log about it either,

but still, i don’t mess with money.

The best thing you could do is just ask for a refund, they'll probably wont do shit because they're scammers, BUT if they do, they'll probably contact the customer, hopefully he'll know what to do...

I'll try to contact every new email of customers i see and notify them they have been scammed.

Messing with money is how people get caught.

I called them nonstop and they got so mad.

Haaha you should have done that on the livestream.

I am a beginner YouTuber so I have a random schedule as well. The scammers will Do one thing, quit.

You should tell the scammers to send the money to my PayPal account. :^)

I get 2% @thunder#6726

Update-They told me that I was from this website,I was shocked!Did any one of you reveal this fact to them while you were scambaiting em’?

They told me that our site would suffer through intense DDOS attacks in the near future.

They told me that they had found OS44567# vulnerability in the site,I am not sure what that means…

@ParodyGordon#6742 Such an exploit doesn’t exist. We also have DDoS protection.

@R34P3R#6743 What i was told was that the website uses cookies,and they told me that they had extracted cookies from my browser.They told me now they had admin access.Is this all BS?

@ParodyGordon#6745 Yes, you don’t have admin access so they wouldn’t. Our cookies also use a secure flag, so even if they were stolen they’d have no chance of logging in.