Scammers in my real pc but can't do anything

I have deep freeze on my computer and they called me and can’t do anything on my computer because i have rigged my real computer to a purple screen and after 1 hour talk with them they said everything was fine. They try to say my network was infected and i even told them my security software was Jnteamed antivirus (doesn’t exist) and they can’t scam me ever because of my purple screen. I wasted 1 hour of their time to get them to say everything is fine. I also use some Alt+F4 as well.

I also say my network goes to france and the UK. Which is not true. I restarted the computers 2 times. They try to tell me my network is infected or my computer is infected but they reliaze Jnteamed antivirus is too strong.

Tell me if you want the purple screen to deal with them.

I wish the login screen worked.

Have you got their number please?

They called the home phone, is there any call history i can acess?

Edit: No luck on a home phone.

Next time i will grab their number.

no worries and good job

Whatever you do, don’t try this without any tricks in hand.