Scammers getting smarter?

I’ve tried several times to make a scammer log into my pc and they always waste my time and ask me “what was the virus?” and i say it wrong then they hang up. Boi i’m just tryna rat yo ass lmao

Scammers watch scam baiting videos

@scraps210#16001 i remember back when they didn’t know what a vm is. now they can easily detect if it’s a vm.

@76561198412073185#16010 yeah.

@scraps210#16001 I do that quite often and they seem to catch on pretty fast anyway

@igGrave#16015 scammers are slowly getting smarter every day. I’m sure pretty soon they will not only have ways to detect if it is a vm like they do now but see if the computer actually did get the pop up. If a scammer actually gets into your computer without noticing the vm and sees things like real malwar or booby traps they will hang up and disconnect. The only way to get a scammer in your machine for a while is if it looks real and you don’t touch the mouse or have joke programs. You might find yourself having to pay for nothing if you are able to fake a credit card then they say that your computer is now safe then they hang up and disconnect. there is no way to entertain yourself with scammers anymore if you plan on using a virtual machine

@igGrave#16015 if your looking for fun in the world of scambaiting one cool thing to do is put two phones together with two different scammers and they will connect and infect their own computers or argue about who is paying who. the last time i did that they were screaming at eachother and it was funny

@76561198412073185#16017 haha i saw a video about that on youtube but never finished watching it. i’ll see if i can try it out myself

the thing is true everyday scammers are getting smarter. Except for myphonesupport

@RickrollTheScammers#16084 lol you can say that again lmfao

@RickrollTheScammers#16084 some of the people of myphonesupport actually got smarter but 24/7 techies are still dumb

@RickrollTheScammers#16084 me and 2 other people did raids against them. When I did my raid i got 4chan involved. I don’t think they are answering anymore i changed my caller id many times and they still are not answering. there’s always 24/7 techies

keep in mind scammers actually browse this forum, one of the scammers we hacked had an account registered on here.