ScammerBlaster Hit With FCC Fine of $116 Million Dollars

So true! I’ll never forget the good ‘ole days when the phone carriers teamed up with us to shut off scammer numbers.


FCC is too incompetent to handle the real problem and would much rather attack those for exposing their lack of action. Jessica Rosenworcel should stop this immediately!


@ScammerBlaster I’ve known you for a while and no one doubts your dedication, motives or integrity.


FCC be like


Ditto to that!!! :v:


The more I read the official filing by the FCC, the more it smells like crap…

There is big money behind this attack.



F’ing DOJ seized the SB phone lookup site! Scumbag bastards. Domain Seizure


Da fuq?

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What a sham. ScammerBlaster was the best. I wanna know the truth behind what happened.

Obviously they did, it’s apart of all of that was seized, if it is real.

These can look up and find carriers for when you need them. :+1:

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Email to the FCC sent this morning:

I read with interest the recent FCC press release regarding the fine against “Scammerblaster.” As someone, along with my neighbors, who is subject to numerous scam calls, robotic and otherwise, every day, which the FCC and Do-Not_Call list seem powerless to control, I was aware of the efforts by “ScammerBlaster” and his website to try and suppress these malicious calls. It’s my understanding that the revenue part of the operation using toll-free numbers, was to help fund his efforts to stop the malicious actors.

It seems to me the FCC is going after the wrong actors. Let’s shut down those are are actively stealing people’s money through scam calls and who seem to be completely immune from the FCC’s pathetic attempts at control. I personally know of several people in my retirement community who have lost a considerable amount of money because of scamming activities.

Perhaps the FCC is justified in stopping “ScammerBlaster’s” revenue scheme, even if in a good cause, as according to the press release it’s illegal, but a slap on the risk rather than a ridiculously huge fine would be far more in line with justice and what’s right.

If I have any of the facts incorrect, I would be happy to stand corrected.

added 20 minutes later, response from Will Wiquist:
"Thank you for writing. I will share your thoughts with my colleagues.
Will "


Thank you for posting! I use scout:

Devastating to have this happen. I hope SB can recover quickly from this <3


This needs more attention, isn’t there a way to submit comments to the FCC?

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Letter I am sending to all of my US Representatives direct to their Legislative asst’s… Feel free to copy/paste when speaking with your legislators.


Yes, I have sent a few letters to them. I currently hold three FCC licenses, and have been in touch with my section manager as well as sent correspondence to the new FCC director


Please call your US Rep, and two US Senators and insist on reaching a direct Legislative assistant… You won’t speak with them, but you may be able to get their email and name…
Specify you are wanting to discuss a FCC Notice “22-57” and politely ask for someone capable of speaking regarding FCC issues…
The person on the phone might want to hear your story… tell them the whole story in a polite manner and they will almost always end the call by giving you the name and email of the correct Sr. Asst who actually has power.

Hope this helps


I’m standing with Blaster too. I miss working with you guys!! You guys are the kindest people I’ve met.

If we want to spread this throughout the US and make it easier to send out letters/petitions to our representatives/congressional members, may I suggest using ResistBot? We can ask people to text a specific code to 50409, iMessage, Telegram, etc. The least they’ll take is your name, prefix/suffix, email, and your home address (to find your local representatives & some representative offices require an address).

It’s an idea.

If you have the postage stamps, print it out and snail mail it to the various politicians. They give paper and ink 10x the respect of an email.