888 527 7615

lol ask for kevin they get pissed

@SupremeGentleman#9414 Please provide more proof of this being a scam.

Lol I chewed him out on him being a scammer and he said “Are you a mother fucker?” like 5 times.

@1337mathster#9418 It is a scam. This number might be new.

recorded at the last minute:

What type of scam is it, can you add tags such as the Phone Number tag?

@FuelDaFlame#9428 tech support

He needs to add tags.


IP: - ISP: Reliance Communications Ltd.dakc Mumbai - Location: New Delhi, India.

screen: - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Koko#9432 nice one mate.

@Koko#9432 Holy shit. LOLOLOLOL

I called and wasted about 10 minutes of their time. He hung up when I mentioned that I lived in New Dehli.