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Hi all,

Iv been reading this forum for a few days now and thought it's about time I posted. I have my VM + VPN etc set up as well as my rat cleverly disguised ? The problem I'm facing is I don't have a mic on this computer so would like to know if these scammers only take phone calls or do they communicate, say a chatbox on their site?

Many Thanks

You can call them using your phone with firertc.

@Afootpluto#4059 Try reading the post before you respond, OP doesn’t have a mic, how are they going to get sound into their computer?

Some offer chatbox support on their site, but you should invest in a cheap mic that plugs in via 3.5 mm jack (can be found ~$10)

@R34P3R#4062 and did I say to use a computer? No, I said use their phone to make calls using firertc.

@Afootpluto#4074 you did say using your computer. are you a tech suppowt?

oh now you edited your comment gz

@76561197993037654#4106 someone edited it first. And I just changed it back.

sorry for causing an argument ? I used my phone instead but the problem is there is no way to record the call

@joshwirus#4116 Check out caller ID faker for android, you can spoof your number as well as record calls, although you have to watch videos, or pay for credits.

@R34P3R#4122 Nice one will check it out tomorrow