Scammer (US)

Scammer Diagnostic Tool:

Phone Number: +18443774109

Technician Number: +18009784501

tries to download an application onto computer. do not follow link

@ScamBaiter#2100 The link is for a scammer’s diagnostic tool. I wouldn’t recommend downloading it on your host machine just a virtual machine. As I said before the link, it is a scammer diagnostics tool.

They would not support me called them once never spoke too anyone on there before right away they said I was a prank caller with no contact history little funny…

also you have to be a idiot to think there real my advice to people would be too download software like mbam adwcleaner and JRT do not waste your time with any company like this.. Its all just a sales pitch. im sure if you run the above software I talk about there be no malware left on your PC

@650038haig#2108 Well, if you pay them, they never provide any service. At all. They don’t give you any antivirus, they don’t “clean” your computer, and when you listen to them if you have any PC knowledge, every word and phrase they say are wildly made up catch phrases right out of a cheap hacker movie.

"Remove bad sectors from the network wall"
"We will give you all the anti-virus anti-trojan anti-hacking anti-spyware anti-phising anti-???? programs"
They really say that too, as if we don't know 1 program will do it all.
"We will install the SSL advanced encryption on your network and upgrade from 128 bit to 2048 bit"
"1 year $xxx.99 3 years $xxx.99 5 years $xxx.99 lifetime $xxxx.99" and each time it is a made up amount, depending on how much money they think they can grift from you.

Shows me stopped services, types 'tree' in my DOS prompt after cd \'ing to the root lol and tells me its a scanner, shows me good ol' event viewer and tells me each line is someone hacking my computer... who buys that?!

I think what bothers me the most is the tons of other guys screaming in the background, and you can hear them saying they are from all sorts of different companies like Cisco and Microsoft. They're so clueless they don't realize that's a red flag to any who would have been gullible enough to pay them in the first place.

We are 1 good tutorial away from being organized enough to capture these scammers IP's and list respective local law enforcement agencies in their areas to report them. What they do from there, well... we can only hope.

Registry Domain ID: 8171107_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2014-07-20T16:48:16Z
Creation Date: 1999-07-19T23:46:10Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2024-07-19T23:46:10Z

They sometimes advertise during their waiting times.

this is a GREAT site. it lets u run apps in a VM and check all processes for malicious intent here is exactly what that exe does ATSSysAd.exe (MD5: 4915549A08F7256F431D21FB909E4B90) - Interactive analysis - ANY.RUN ---- looks like its a exe to connect to customer support ill reverse engineer it and see it theres anything jucy

i kept on spam calling them that they stopped picking up

Guy at this number called me back on my textnow phone so I yelled at him to stop calling me, “I don’t want to buy concrete!”. He said he was tech support and that people at BobRTC are posting my phone number and pranking me. He’s salty. I love how much stress this must cause them.

you are killing me Concrete! HAHA


Once transferred over to the ‘tech’ side a few times, the automated response is solid gold lol

@ScamBaiter#2100 Try This

the guy that picked up, took me to and said i had to subscribe first before he would offer support.

I hear this message (DVR?)

You have to type 5 then 8 before you are connected now. They hang up pretty quickly with the bobrtc bots.

Dude says Jesus is a scammer. Great call. I wish I had recorded it from the beginning.