Scammer threats

Called a scammer they read my called id saw where my number was based in and said they were gonna send someone to my door to make me pay money to them should I be worried?

Call using firertc when calling scammers. Also they won’t do shit.

@JacobJack33#8076 One told me two days ago he would be at my house within 15 minutes.

@JacobJack33#8076 Don’t worry, they are just empty threats. Really, even if the scammers tried, the furthest they can go would be finding out the city/town (based on area code), but nothing more. And since most area codes nowadays cover multiple areas reverse number searches aren’t that accurate either.


Thank you :+1:

One told me they will take legal action.

He’s late! @R34P3R#8078

Why would you call with your real phone ? Firertc is free and you can change the caller ID anytime you like to prevent them blocking you and harass them without limits. Also absolutely no info on yoy

@Boloss#8143 I have mobile and fire rtc does not work for me

@JacobJack33#8160 How does firertc not work? Have you tried using my app? replace/d/1411-firertc-desktop-application/

Actually it just started working for me thank you memes