Scammer #'s website that maybe you don't know of

Guys I did not see this posted on here but this site actually has a lot of live numbers.

If you don't want me to link this or whatever I understand.


I called A LOT of them and they were live.


This is a fake tech advice website which promotes the scamware SpyHunter.

@thunder#3706 Well I didn’t say to download crap from them. But I have been calling all the numbers and MANY of them work. I was watching a scambaiter live stream earlier and posting the numbers and over and over scammers picked up. Responding to reports of popups as if they were legit Wirus alerts and the usual. Def scammers. But thanks for the reply I didn’t know they were up to no good there. Also, I plugged on that livestream just so more eyes can get a look at this website as it is one of the best resources imo.

If anyone wants I can just post the numbers I get off webpages like this that actually work. I am finding similar pages that while they are trying to get you to use bullshit software they are actually doing a good job at posting real scammer numbers lol