Scammer regrets trying to scam the wrong person!

Hello there, lately i stumbled upon a fake bank webapp.
Scammer sent me a link to the webpage. He gave me login and password to that fake BNK bank.

Little did he know i know quite alot about computers, i checked his website’s security.
It was horrible. The website was just crazy bad. There were some restrictions on uploading .php files. Instead of using a reverse .php shell (since it did not work because scammer set up some basic security), i used popen() function in PHP. I wrote a custom non-interactive shell and from there using /bin/bash i got myself a command execution. I found alot of software for Mass Email sending and else, like someone’s private documents etc.

After checking few things i archived his WWW root folder.
Day later this dude literally catches on what was happening and fixes the issue with popen().
I was not able to run binaries now, but i found out that i can write stuff to files with php.
Today (a second ago) i managed to delete all of the victims’ file off the server.

I overwrited the main page of the website to something else, so people would actually realize that this is not an actual bank.

Here is the website: Fake Bank’s Main Page


Nice, do bear in mind there are trained victim advocates who would be happy to help any potential victims if you have found contact details.


Here is the followup, i’ll include screenshots.

This image shows us the actual email i recieved.

The screenshot after replacing all of the files’ content with a single word SCAMMER and swapping the index.php file.

Here is what i’ve got downloaded from the webserver. (Add about 60-70 photos to the amount you see on the screenshot)
All of the images are DL’s, Passports and ID’s.

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