Scammer pretending to be multiple businesses

Their website is

Spam their chat.

I have reported their Go-To Assist and their JivoChat

yeah ive been trolling them for a while

Who we are?

We are independent lead generation and online marketing company having offices in India and Australia. We do online marketing and generate leads for various business sectors, such as, Website design, software development, IT sector and web permotional.

Where we based and who we sell leads to?

We get SEO, Marketing & content writing done through our freelancers based in India, Australia, UK & Netherlands. We sell leads to individuals, small and medium businesses.

What does a lead mean?

Any visitor giving his name, email and phone number on our website and give consent to be contacted or directly contact us through live chat or our phone number, is considered a lead.

Can we generate lead for a specific niche?

We have vast experience in SEO and internet marketing, we can generate lead for any legitimate and legal business.

What methods of lead generation do we use?

We generate all our leads through Search engine optimization, email marketing and PPC campaigns.

from their site, they are lead generators as well