Scammer Prank Program

Hi there! I’m excited to announce that my Scammer Prank Program is now finished! You can download the program with this link:

Happy scambaiting! :grinning:

@ppqq1#11269 remove the image from your signature and make it something that fits in a single line.

@1337mathster#11273 The signature is fine tbh, he just needs to change the image link to https.

@thunder#11274 Long signatures take up lots of screen space on mobile.

I’m on mobile and I have no problem with it

I do

@1337mathster#11292 I guess it’s just u that’s complaining about it coz no one else is. I’m not trying to say that u are making him change his signature because of u having issues with space taken up on the mobile version of this site.

@1337mathster#11273 Sorry…

Got a preview of that program?

@DemetriusXVII#11367 Nope.