Scammer Payback EXPOSED


I’ve always thought of Pierogi as an incredibly powerful scambaiter ever since he formed the People’s Call Center in the middle of 2022. But these accusations of adultery and sexual assault while intoxicated are incredibly damning, but difficult to fully verify since much of Hina Jaivaid’s evidence consists of screenshots and recordings of private Discord conservations.

While I await a response from Pierogi regarding these allegations, I feel it is in my best interest to distance myself away from his work and no longer watch his videos or be subscribed to any of his YouTube channels. This is especially true, given the rumors circulating online about Pierogi actively filtering out comments that mention Hina, Savannah Marie or the allegations against him.

As much as I love hunting down scammers just like anyone else, even scambaiters need to be held responsible for their actions.


Admittedly, when I saw this video pop up, I immediately thought “I always saw Pierogi as a good person! Now all the memories I have of me watching his videos are ruined!”. But, honestly, now that I actually watched most of the video, I have to admit that I feel like the video itself was kind of a scam. Before you continue reading, please hear me out. I’m not defending Pierogi or saying “oH, hE’s A hErO! He can’t possibly do any wrong!”. I’m just speaking objectively, and I’m not trying to be biased or anything. He definitely did make mistakes, but he is by no means a “predator”.

For starters, the video feels mostly one-sided despite Savannah’s claims about it being “objective”. If you watch the video, you’ll probably see what I mean. Like, the first time she tried to contact Pierogi, she specifically said that she was plotting to “expose him for workplace sexual harassment”.

Also, the messages shown made it seem like Hina was a willing participant who was obviously driving the conversation. Not to mention that Hina herself said that the “HKD” Discord server (which I’m pretty sure she made) was supposed to be a “safe space where he can talk about whatever he wants to and, like, we would forget the channel would be deleted”. And some things that Hina had gone out of her way to do for Pierogi, although she was certainly aware that she was not being compensated for them, hinted at a possible romantic interest in him. I’m not saying that Pierogi was a victim here, but I’m just saying that Hina didn’t really seem like a victim either. Objectively speaking, Pierogi shouldn’t have said the things he said on Discord and other platforms due to the content of some of his chat messages, because he is in a relationship with his wife with children. But, to add clarification, it is not really known if his wife was aware of Hina or not. For all we know, he could be in an open relationship, although it may be unlikely. To me, it just doesn’t really seem like Pierogi was a predator, he just seems like a drunk dude who was sexting this girl even though he was already married and in a relationship.

If you want some more information on this whole thing, I highly suggest that you check out EG Lately’s video, which contains some pretty good points and holds both Pierogi and Hina accountable.

Please remember that I am not defending Pierogi. I am just giving my thoughts on the situation. Thank you for reading this. I hope that you have a great day!


One of those chat screenshots made me think that Peirogi was drunk and i wouldn’t blame him, since he is under tremendous stress everyday and his wife too has health issues. Sadly people are the most stupid or at their weakest when drunk.

Secondly, I wonder why Hina didn’t file any sort of harassment case against him if she was indeed harassed over the internet? And why choose to shame someone like this?

Thirdly, she does seem to have been doing stuff willingly. Then she doesn’t fucking deserve to be doing an ‘expose’.

Fourthly, the video is one freakin hour long? Why can’t it be done in just 20 minutes or so?

Fifthly, it even makes me think Hina was/is some kind of a mule paid by scammers. The whole thing is some kind of a shaming video to disrupt his work.

I’m also of a thought that she did work for him and it was perhaps some kind of a pay dispute.


I don’t think he will response to that
he is already removing comments from his channel that are about this
he don’t wanna talk about it for sure


I see it 100% like you and the EG Lately Video. Sure, he’s cheating on his wife with this and it’s dirty. But the sexual harassment allegations and that she claims she never wanted it but still did it anyway, that doesn’t seem right.

I’ve talked to her personally on Twitter and she couldn’t really convince me otherwise. She admitted she never said “NO” to him at any point. And in that video that excuse that she went to the hospital just as an excuse that he would stop, this got destroyed by her own evidence that she would again text him super horny “spank me daddy” etc. She actively continued and even initiated the sex chats.
The only thing which could make me think otherwise and what she hinted is that she was not the only one. It would look really bad and like a system if he had like a bunch of girls sending him nudes and all. But then again, is it really sexual harassment?

I can understand her a bit in that case. Pakistani police wouldn’t even care cuz it’s some international case and the chances are super slim if not impossible that something happens because of it. She should have done it still imo just to prove her point that she’s sure it’s sexual harassment.

Yup, and that’s the point me and everyone can’t understand her. She never shows she’s uncomfortable. Instead, she actively engages and even starts sexual chats with him.

I don’t think so. I’ve talked to her and she seems to be genuine and at least on the surface I can’t see any connection of hers to scammers. Also, if it was made by scammers, they would have done it differently and more clearly, maybe with edited screenshots or other framed conversations to make him do even worse stuff. But these screenshots “incriminate” Hina herself a lot. If it was the scammers, they wouldn’t have done it like that. I think she rather fell in love with him or just loved getting his attention. Imagine as a girl from Pakistan and your idol of idk 5million subscribers is hanging out in private voice sessions with you. Other people are spending big money on Patreon to be with him and she got it for free and even get paid for it. She enjoyed and at some day she realized it wasn’t something healthy and felt used and dirty. Bu she herself moved into this groupie-like position with him.


If she initiated those conversations herself and willingly did the sex chats then how on earth can she claim sexual harassment? Sounds stupid

I do know of a different female scambaiter who was sexually harassed online but won’t be going into details here for privacy reasons. But in this case she DID NOT initiate any such conversations herself.