Scammer Number

Just tell them you had an issue with your Amazon or eBay account/order and then make walrus or seal noises. I’ve done this to three scammers and they were pissed off. This is the wrath they deserve. Join me🤣

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Were is the number ?? I will hoard them

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… you forgot the number

(669) 800-8486

(717) 583-6839

(805) 918-0168

(669) 800-8486 (717) 583-6839 (805) 918-0168

(669) 800-8486 New Delhi scammer using VPN
IP Address
United States, New York
Orientation landscape-primary
Timezone Asia/Calcutta GMT+5:30
User Time Sat Jun 19 2021 23:25:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
Language en-US
Incognito/Private Window No