Scammer number

This is a fake Microsoft tech support


When u call say is this Microsoft because i hace doing that whole of today

@robin82194#8238 its down

they wanted a call back these blokes are getting smart

@Nuwn#8239 its up but silence

Agents answer, “Thanks for calling Microsoft” -_-

These people really strike a nerve with me.

Can an Admin check the OPs IP? No activity since the thread’s creation.

Site is down.

It is back up.

Hey guys update the people called me back and wanted me to stop what i am doing because when i called them i said stop this or fell my wrath. They keep the numbers , now everyone is calling




mission accomplished

888-950-7840.- Norton my ass!

@robin82194#8309 get these muthafukrs too man 888-950-7840- trying to fuk with me" Norton idiots

@Lain#8241 help me with these idiots- 888-950-7840. Norton scam

All these numbers reach the same call center offering fake support for Norton, Garmin, Gmail, Tech, iTunes and Apple.









They are called:

@drwat#26988 and Microsoft now as well

Lol they are very funny

@Faster#27007 Towards the end of the third recording the scammer says to co-scammer: “This is pre-recorded audio by some man, it is a prank call.”

He asks the caller who are you?

@drwat#26988 not all heroes wear capes