Scammer number

8447970874 - amy

original - 18582514120

told me to shut down my computer and not use it for 6 hours. Also said that they were working on it through the network without ever connecting

My computer have a virus, and ransomware that lock your dextop.

Jnteamed ransomware 2017-ID

New ransomware - Album on Imgur

@JeffCubed#6081 Unplug it and see if they call back saying that they can’t connect.


| Vindows Task Manager |


| Image Name | Description |


|iexplore.exe | Jnteamed Ransomware |

The ransomware is in winlogon.exe Go kill it and you will either log off or get a blue screen.

I could just have made this

Task manager


Process Name | Description
wininit.exe | Jnteamed Ransomware
winlogon.exe | Jnteamed Ransomware
explorer.exe | Jnteamed Ransomware
System | Jnteamed Rootkit

What about syskey? @Jnteamed#6176

@FuelDaFlame#6179 I deleted it.


Tell me you kept tree, that’s the only antivirus left on your system. @Jnteamed#6183

They don’t get a chance to run tree as i can lock and unlock my computer from my tablet. Don’t worry, i have provided a shortcut to a antivirus but it leads to nowhere.

Nowhere.exe or nowhere.bat? @Jnteamed#6196

@FuelDaFlame#6197 It is .lnk

rhettand.lnk? @Jnteamed#6216

it is a link in the desktop.

You mean dextop. @Jnteamed#6231


You removed my grammer nazi post :pensive:

Did I?