Scammer knows my information

hello good guys.

This time I asking for help.
I called a scam call centre from talkatone phone number and don’t how they new my real name.
Is this anything to worry about and how do I prevent it.

I don’t often use Talkatone, but when you signed up, does it ask for your first and last name. If so did you use your real first and last name? I can’t remember if Talkatone transmits caller ID with name and number. That’s the only thing I can think of

There is not enough information in the post to provide a useful answer. Is this the first time you’ve called this call center? Did you sign up to your Talkatone account with your real name? Or with an email address somehow connecting to your real name? How long were they on the phone for before they said your name? What type of scam were you calling?

In all likelihood, they used a phone lookup service such as ThatsThem to search for personal information connected to your phone number. Without specifics I cannot give you completely sound advice, but if I were you I would stop using that Talkatone number (or Talkatone altogether).

How much personal information one can gather with just your name depends on a lot of factors, such as how common the name is and how good your OPSEC is, but scammers don’t have time or resources to go after every individual scambaiter, so you will probably be fine. Definitely be more careful in the future though.

The best-worse case scenario, they know your number is legit. If they do not have a way to make finical gain from you, they likely will not pursue you. That said, if you are a pain enough to cost them potential money gains, they could target you, however they would have to put two & two together.