### Greetings scambaiters


Hello and welcome to the new and improved website. This post will tell you what has changed and what the new features are.

# The updates

  • - PHP has been updated to 8.0
  • - Database has been updated and is prone to less crashing
  • - New site features
  • - Proxy protection to help against DDOS protection
  • - New page layout
  • # What to expect

    ## Bugs

    During this transaction you may encounter bugs. It is important that you can report the bugs in our Discord server [Here](

    ##### Known bugs

  • - Discussions may be missing the starting post.
  • - Tags may be mismatched on different posts.
  • - Tags won't update when searching unless a page refresh is made.
    ~~- Anyone who has registered onto using a 3rd party service such as Discord or github will not be able to log in and may need to join our Discord server so staff can make changes to your account so you can login again. ~~
    (Please see below for fix)
  • ### Performance upgrades

  • - Some performance improvements have been made.
  • ### User profile

  • - Users no longer have to create a discussion request to change their profile usernames
  • - Users can choose what to show by default in the Following page. You can access this in your profile settings
  • - Users can add social profiles
  • - An overview of your profile can be seen on the main menu.
  • ### New logo

  • - A new logo for and TLS has been added. Thanks to ```.___.JP.___.#8230``` and @PlayerFridei
  • ### Discussion viewer

  • - See who viewed your posts.
  • As we tried to push a new homepage design most people did not like it so now the old layout will be set as default but you can change it as you wish in the side bar called **categories** which makes everyone happy. :D

    We hope you like it. team


    ### Just a quick update to anyone that has registered on using a 3rd party service:

    ##### You must click on the "Forgot my password" link on the signup page and click on the reset link that's given to you via email. Once done that you have access to your account and can login via email and password.

    It looks better now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    I LOVE the new update! Thanks to everyone who worked hard on it!

    I love the new update!


    “Looks amazing” - Chris

    Looks amazing but why can’t I see the upvote/downvote feature?

    @E_Pluribus_Unum#191787 because it doesn’t exist anymore

    @Zachinquarantine_#191789 That’s disappointing

    Just an idea to add HMRC to the scams list or addd it to the existing IRS


    @Dan_Gleeballs_Youtube#191809 HMRC would best go in IRS

    @Markiemm#191519 Awesome

    Thank you for update😊

    As I’m sure you all noticed we did experience some outages over the past couple of days. Everything should be stable now, and new features will be added over the course of the coming days. If you have any additional issues accessing the site please join the Discord server to report it and get support. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition.

    @Mortal#192016 welcome aboard by the way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


    i like its logo 😃


    @Draco#192273 welcome aboard by the way

    😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 I thought everything is saying something let us also say something good

    I like the new tools: Scambin and Scammerlink.

    I just went to shorten a link using scammerlink and the link shortens to can you change the url to somthing generic that wont tip off the scammers?


    The whole point is that it's for use with

    If there's interest we could make some more generic URL shorteners