Update 2.0 Update has been migrated to a new forum software that is more efficient, and has many additional features. As part of this migration you may notice that some things are not fully functioning yet. We are working diligently to get everything back to it’s normal usability.

Here are some things you should know!

  • All accounts and posts have been migrated
  • You’ll need to reset your password before signing in again
  • Some features (listed below) will be added in the coming days
  • You can report issues at the Helpdesk

Features to Come

  • Enhanced User Roles
  • Discord OAuth2
  • Discord Bot
  • Gamification
  • Additional modifications to performance and UI
  • Post Tagging

Thank you for your patience, and we’ll update you all as changes are made.

Thank you. Setting up 2 way authentication caught me, but got through it.

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