is recruiting for new staff members!

Great News! is recruiting!

We are recruiting for passionate people to join our staff-team if you feel like you have great skills that you could contribute to our growing team put in an application today!

We are currently only accepting Verified+ members in our discord, If you have not already joined our discord join today! it is full of very valuable information and wonderful members that will help you with any scam-baiting enquiries or if you just want somewhere to chat!.

If you are not Verified no problem! join the discord and spend a bit of time within the community and you will gain Verified and then you will be able to apply for staff, the great news is that staff applications are permanently open!

In order to apply you will need to navigate to #staff-applications and download the required template.
After filling out the template you can either email it to us or send it to one of the managers on the team.

If you have any questions about the application process or in regards to what it's like being a staff-member with feel free to send me a message on discord "Granny Annette" or any of the other managers and we will be happy to help.

In order to join the community over on discord follow this link and make an account to join today!

Hope to see you soon!


Is this an application to scam the Indians? Lol. I’m new here, and would absolutely luuuuv to start scamming/pranking!!!

One question. How do i get trusted role?

@AvvyIsabelle#117268 Dont i look trustworthy?

I can’t be trusted, but I love all of the trusted members I don’t now where I would be without you all :wink:


Still looking ?

Neap is scammer

I am looking for Job

@neapthefuck#122558 you can’t even spell my name right. Greet Ben Nguyen and also Jenny from me. I know she’s from Dehradun.

Hi. I’m an experienced scambaiter. I’ve been working for about a year now and plan on starting a YouTube channel to document my calls. I’ve reported quite a few numbers, and seen a lot of them get shut down. I mostly work on IT or Microsoft scammers, but I’ve worked against IRS or Social Security scammers a few times. I would like to do more to help rid the world of scammers. I know I am not verified yet but I would like to know what the staff does exactly.

wow look at all the new help come in.

what about me guys and gools lol

anyways back too scambaiting lol

07720 870339 Tryed stealing 10,000£ and successfully took 2000£

website belongs to some sam singh from Kolkata


actual website :

I never use discord… they are in my opinion one of the largest data thieves out there…


i love this stuff Thanks man

i can help.

1. language translation
2. local dialect
3. Physical movement
4. Legal knowledge (law student india)