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Top donator: ScammerBlaster

ScammerBlaster has donated £2,500 to



Bryce Manson donated £7

Jonathan Church donated £69

McKenzie Ellis donated £10

Mark Nielsen donated $20

Michele Denber donated £20

Brandon Wong donated £5

Peter Paul donated $7

Jason Pellatt donated £25


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Are you interested in funding our site? Server costs are increasing as we are having to move around due to scammers coming after us, along with DDoS attacks.

We could also use some funds to fight scammers in court.

You can donate to us using these services:
scammerinfo is A scambait forum & scam number database
PayPal direct: [email protected]


I surmise by increasing scambaters’ population on this site not only will increase donations but have enough human power so that scammers won’t be able to come after us.

Here’s an idea how to accomplish this with least effort:

There has to be user ranking levels. Visible next to avatar. It incites people into action when there are awards to earn or going up the level for the completed actions. It also creates a sentimental value! Some people will do it compulsively just to have high ranks, some will compete, it’ll increase like avalanche. This is to retain more active users. otherwise the site is not as incentive yet to keep many users active.

To exponentially increase scambaiters’ population we need to incorporate a tactic from “The rice and chessboard” wisdom. eg. Each user will be able to go above a certain level if he recruits only 3 scambaiters. That way number of users will grow exponentially. First time will be only 3, second time will be 9, then 27, and by the time we reach only 10th power there will be 59,049! But by the time it reaches 20th power the number is higher than total human population. Leaders who understand this wisdom can apply it for rapid pyramidal growth. Or when leaders wanted their ideas to spread virally.

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