As of now, Scammer.Info does not have an official app. This may change in the future, but as a warning does NOT have an app. If you see the app around anywhere, download at your own risk but is not responsible for anything that could/might happen.

@Fiero#117831 I’ve reported the app as being a fraudulent impersonation.

It’s littered with spoofed comments and false ratings in attempts to make it a common recommendation, whose accounts i may investigate further, though they are numerous.

I'll do my part.

I have the app what do u mean … I down loaded the app from Google play store .

@Draco#117940 it’s not offically made by Team therefore it could potentially be stealing your account details. Just use the web browser to navigate to, it should be the same user experience.

Lets not create a app. Bad shit could happen. You should just avoid that. Also its gonna be expensive and its gonna take a ton of hours.

@TheLittleBirdWhoToldYou#117889 Im filing copyright claims against them through google.

put my report in hopefully we get it taken down

@Fiero#117831 should get a app

@Micheal_mickster#118015 havent brought it up to the other staff yet, but something may be in the works

Oh ok not from play store. Oops my bad from Chrome😏

An app would be incredible! I am watching a Kitboga rerun now ( yes I know I have no life at all on a Saturday night lol) and thought I would try a few numbers for fun! I wanted to add my support for the app suggestion.

@DogLoungeTV#118351 but what would be the advantages of an app compared to the website as it exists right now?

The only benefit I would see is an improved notification system as an app can push notifications. Other than that, an app would be just WebView displaying the same website as normal.

I Saw the app on google play, should we report the app?

@NeeP#118368 i have a feeling that the app is possibkly owned by scammers looking for scambaiters information potentially.

just a theory

@PlayerFridei#118380 for now yeah

Just to let you all know, I’ve had a little nose around and found out the app is indeed owned by scammers attempting to collect data. These scammers have since been wiped off the face of the discord community, same can’t be said for google. Stay vigilant!

Update: the app is dead

@ShadowSlayer#119226 Good news everyone. The app on google play can no longer be found. Justice has been done.

@E_Pluribus_Unum#190089 Good! I reported all of the unofficial apps to the appstore.

An app isn’t needed as the site is mobile friendly anyway

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