Scammer Hotline

Fake Amazon + FTC call

2nd call
Stream Amazon 25B scam by nayani264.roy | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Wow does that that number put it on the table or what ! Those corrupt governments really must hate us making this racket so obvious.

Aussie Amazon robocall $99.99 month prime subscription


“No scammers are currently available” is what ive been hearing too much lately.


You got that number to work? I couldn’t like I kept pressing one when it gave me the prompt on the Aussie Amazon one and I was getting nothing except for it repeating the prompt and then eventually hanging up on me.

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Try now. Active.

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Yes. I generally get lucky every 30 minutes or so in the evenings.
9AM EST I get Indian scammers scamming Germans.
Here is Aussie Amazon scam audio: (Kolkata IP)
Stream Aussie Amazon scammers by nayani264.roy | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

It’s working now. Takes me to fake Amazon. Spent 20 minutes pretending to fall for the bs. Then when they connected me to fake bank, I said my grandson told me he’s a benchode scammer. He said Yes, I’m a scammer.…fuck you. and he hung up.

What is the hotline number

(606) 722-6637

Thanks buddy

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Your welcome

Jenny from amazon

Just done a nice 30 min bait with Amazon cheers mate


I tried calling and i got some dude who was whispering in my ear very very strangely. I think he was attempting to be sexy but that’s not my thing. Phone sex with call scammers that is.

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Just now 606 number stopped working…
Any help appreciated.

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The cynical part of me says RIP Scammer Hotline. You were fun while you lasted.
Hopefully I’m wrong, and it will be back sooner or later, though.

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Early morning, I got connected to scammers scamming Germans, then Amazon and then SSA/OIG

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It’s down due to issues, should come back up soon.


It just rings out now. Im devastated

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