Scammer Hold Music Compilation

I’m trying to put together a compilation of the hold and dial music that Indian Call Center scammers use to post on YouTube. I already have “FreePBX Robot Dity”, “Cold Day” by Macroform, “Calm River”, “Higher States Of Ambience” by Laurie Burgess, “Morning Coffee”, and “Reno Project-System”. I need that stupid down-home guitar sounding one, and a few others. Any names or suggestions would be helpful thanks. -Joe

There’s also that classical piano thing that a ton of tech support scammers have

@kenzo#88223 Yeah I have that one too. “Minute Waltz” by Chopin. lol

@JoeHimself5#88225 Lol, that is actually pretty cool I just check it out and it was like being on hold

@JoeHimself5#88212 Late to the party, but I think I’m Still Here by Macroform is one you might be looking for. Also an update would be nice.