Scammer full info (Amazon/Geek Support/iCloud)

Spied on these guys for a little bit and managed to dox one of the scammers in the call center. Video on this dude will be up on my channel ( somewhere next week. Do whatever you want with this:

  • - Name: Arnab Sinha (nickname Harsh Satyam)
  • - Email: [email protected]
  • - Phone No.: +91 9065937236
  • - Instagram: arnab_sinha68
  • - Facebook:
  • - TikTok: Michal_786
  • - Scam email: [email protected] and password is [Redacted by moderator]
  • Here is his Truecaller profile for the sceptics: Wondering Who Called from +9065937236?

    Hey there,

    We are currently unable to approve this post as no evidence of scam has been confirmed.
    If you have any evidence to back it up, please reply with it.