Scammer asks for photo removal

I didn’t click the link to be on the safe side. It’s one of those scams where people ask you to remove your photos. From what I can tell about the domain name, this scammer could be in Ukraine. I can read some Cyrillic letters.

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The Russians will take care of him, :wink:

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I got a similar text message except I was asked if some photos belonged to me from WhatsApp

Again, not clicking the link :joy::laughing:. I think these scammers are using a URL shortener.

Seems to be Tajic but Russian shares the alphabet with many other nations, it was founded in the 9th century. Russian is part of Old Slavonic, which is a sub part of the Bulgarian alphabet but makes the Kievan-Rus’ alphabet later on what it appears to say is: Nomo.ykp which is rather weird to me as I’ve never seen the tld in my life. The domain doesn’t even function right

I’m not sure what to do. Is this website still up?

Website redirects to http://ggemm.номо.укр/
The website seems to redirect to some random scams/other phishing links, same with the zffkis one.
Screenshots (warning: slight NSFW content)