Scammer 1-888-292-3252 Fake Yahoo Tech Support

1st Number: 888-292-3252 - Dial using BobRTC:

Alternative Number: 888-304-8333

Forgot Yahoo Mail ID and Password? 1-888-541-3969 Reset It Now!

These guys are extremely stupid. I called them and wasted a half hour of their time trying to get them to admit they are scamming.


both numbers already stopped working (for now)

@NeeP#112989 According to me olivierscott and ihateit are the same person because they created the account in same month.after you blocked ihateit id , this another id is active. so please check

@williamhall#113041 yup you’re right. He is Indian so it’s likely the same guy however I’m still thinking as long as he’s posting scammer number I will let him live. He will get warning triangle badge though so that everyone can see he’s a scammer.