Scammed need help

Hey guys, this guy has scammed a crap ton of people i know and i have his IP address i was wondering if someone could dox him and try and help me to get all the stuff back and you know scare the shit out of him. Pls im begging for your help

@Scrxmbler#6023 can you explain how you were scammed? Also, I don’t think doxing is allowed to be discussed on here.


Something about this post seems suspicious

@thunder Can you check it out?

DOXing is extremely illegal. I wouldn’t recommend doing it. What I would recommend doing is sending an Anonymous Tip to the FBI and use their IP in the Tip. Also report them to their Domain registrar. Don’t resort to illegal activity such a DOXing if you can find a good use for that information.

@Scrxmbler#6023 Message me on skype at reaper_250, or give me call 800-356-3904, I’ll do what I can to help. Disregard the people saying doxing is illegal, while it is, these scumbags deserve it and aren’t going to do anything aside from make empty threats. @memes#6024 Freedom of speech still applies here in the same fashion it does in the US/UK/CA, essentially, you are free to discuss it, do not mention specific attacks, methods, victims, or distribute software/literature pertaining to illegal activity.

@FuelDaFlame#6027 how is doxing illegal wtf xD

@thunder#6036 Releasing it publicly can be depending on the information. Address, Name, DoB, and other personal information are already public domain.

@R34P3R#6040 @thunder#6036 It doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t posted online. Scamming is more of a crime than using google to find somebodies address.

@FuelDaFlame#6063 Exactly, however things like CC, SSN, and DL number are illegal to post online. Address, DoB, and phone are already available online.

@R34P3R#6064 @thunder#6036 Also, those who DOX and post online are total skidds who think they are hackers because they can use google and pipl.

@FuelDaFlame#6065 Not all of them are skids, but most are.

Oh, and IP address are legal to post online, if not, they can unplug their modem and they get a new one.

@Jnteamed#6076 Again, I’m pretty sure posting a 4 > 12 number (aside from ssn) isn’t as bad as scamming people out of hundreds.