Scammed By A Pair Of Con People-David & Sam

Mahvish Iqbal & Md Iftekhar Enam are running scam in USA and Canada also. They have Several websites and Phone numbers to scam in USA and Canada.They have a Fake shopping website to make fool Americans.

They use this website to scam people. All the numbers on this website belong to them and all call connect directly with them so they can easily scam.

Required action has already been taken, police is searching now.

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Mahvish Iqbal, travel agency
Infinity Travels
a victim…
On 10/20/23, I googled "Jet ********************** and placed a call to what appeared to be Jet *********************************** The individual who answered the phone asserted that they were an agent of Jet Blue and proceeded to “assist” me with rebooking a flight and said that I would need to pay a $150 “rebooking fee” due to Jet Blue’s policy, but that the charge may appear as Infinity Travel on my credit card statement.After hanging up, I immediately felt suspicious and initiated an online chat w/ Jet Blue, Jet Blue’s actual agent told me that there should be no rebooking fee. Moreover, they advised that they are aware of this business using deceptive practices and that someone using my personal information had called Jet Blue and rebooked a flight the flight, acting as if it were me. As such, I now realize that while this business had me on the phone for 2 hours acting as if they were a Jet Blue agent, they were actually impersonating me to Jet Blue and then charged me a fee as a travel agency. I have since had to cancel my card and a dispute is pending.

(888) 340-0822 Infinity travel
Lester Flemming 760-999-7119 Indian