Scambaiting Tools?

Quick question for anyone who can help!

Can anyone point me to tools? That can get scammers IP whilst in a CALL with them? Well for example…

Just looking for ways to step up my game and shii, that’s all, all i got rn is a (shitty-ish) voip line (Talkatone). And especially since those scammers like to try to grab my information and whatever else, well anyone elses for that matter especially fellow scambaiters.

Lol, if anyone can help in anyway. Please lemme know, would be much appreciated.

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BobRTC for dialing, also TextNow.
Virtual Machine setup like VirtualBox. Android emulator, some voice changer (if you want)

Can’t get TextNow in my country.
How to dial with BobRTC? I don’t see a calling option, I thought it was just a way scam numbers were shared lol. Computer just broke, shit anyways so ATM at least, I can’t run a VM or anything. And wdym by Android Emulator? And what kind of voice changer type application would you recommend for potential future use?

(Thank you for the help!! :slight_smile:)

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Good voice changers (software) are MorphVoxPro and Clownfish
BobRTC one can submit scammers numbers as well as dial any submitted/approved number
Android emulator like NOX on Windows behave like tablet or cell phone. Many times scammers want to remotely connect to a phone.

Android emulator is what the name says a type of software that runs on PC and emulates an Android phone. That way you have a virtual “phone” on your PC and you can run Android apps on there. Bluestacks would be an example of that. It’s useful if you have scammers that want to connect to the phone or also to run phone apps like Talkatone on your PC.

To grab the IP address you need to have a VM and let them connect to it and then sniff the network traffic using Wireshark.

As per BobRTC, yes you can directly call numbers on there but it’s limited to dialing numbers that are on there already. You click on the phone icon in the phonebook to dial. I’ve uploaded a tutorial on all the functions on my Youtube channel:

VirtualBox (Virtual Machine so they don’t get into your real PC)
TextNow for VoIP calling (don’t give them your real number)
VPN to hide your IP; ProtonVPN (windows), TurboVPN (Android)
Be sure to use your VPN OUTSIDE your VM, otherwise the scammer can turn it off within the VM.

If you get more advanced, use WireShark to trace the scammer’s IP address and scare them out :slight_smile:

I’m sure by NextNow you mean TextNow? That’s not available in my country! I’m (CURRENTLY AT LEAST) using Talkatone although I don’t think it’s very secure tbh so I also regularly use my 4G/LTE connection with it because it APPEARS to make it more secure. Soon, I’m hoping to switch to BOBRTC too.

Ty for the help. Also with VirtualBox, it says one of the steps is for it to “reset my network and temporarily disconnect me from the internet” -with the reset network part is that gonna like reset my router… or something? I think not, but of course I’m kinda new to this and cuz it’s got the extra words there… I just wanted to double check lol.