Scambaiting resources mega thread

I didn’t realize I hijacked your thread lol I apologize , carry on

Hyperlink has a typo of extra i in it.

You are missing the basic argot like getting bread and stuff, not everybody might be familiar with such basic stuff still.

I would add more password databases such as snus but I understand why you wouldn’t want to.

For malware, I would also suggest the following:

  • Ghidra - free Reverse Engineering tool and debugger
  • dnSpy and ILSpy for C# application debugging
  • The Sysinternals suite for dealing with Windows machines
  • Burp Suite for web stuff and catching traffic
  • TrID and binwalk for carving and identifiying “hidden” files and files in ROMs etc.
  • PeID for identifying common malware packers and encryptions
  • ICANN whois and Domain Dossier for checking up domain info quickly

For Tor services, try Recon as well, obviously. Especially when researching fake markets and other phishing.

I am missing a whole list of working temporary e-mail services, might be a good idea to add. Temp-mail is in too many spam filters already.

I am surprised said VPN links aren’t affiliated, lol.

Reporting to Cloudflare can get you sometimes somewhere, sometimes nowhere.

Tools (extremely at your own risk and on targets you are legally allowed to fire at)

  • Nmap, the script kiddie classic to get your ass busted in less than a millisecond brute force open connections on a given server
  • Dirbuster a great skid-friendly URL fuzzier

Otherwise a great thread, finally somebody doing something more fun than certain somebody in Wall of Shame.

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I Didn’t include Ghidra due to who made it, IDC if it’s open source or not. I Highly dislike the NSA.

dnSPY is for more advanced users
Sysinternals will be added
Burpe Suite is best used with Pro License & It’s for web Exploitation which is advanced
BinWalk Might be added
PeID will be added
ICANN + DD will be added as well.
Tor creeps many people out due to Ignorance about accessing “the dark web”
Nmap: Is decent
Dirbuster: Great tool for many people, If it’s an obvious criminal site just use a VPN & Scan the site.


Added some new content, Please DM me if you have additional content to add.

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Some stuff i recommend to add/remove :
Remove BobRTC - They said they are now not working anymore
Add Oracle Cloud - A free VPS hosting that can be used for lots of things (including port forwarding) (my personal favourite VPS provider)
Add Nanocore - because it’s scambaiters favourite.
Add AWS - they allow you to create one free VPS (Windows Server, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)
Add Google Cloud - They give you a free 300$ credit to your account and you can create VPSs with the credit


Thread update:
Removed BobRTC, Added FT, Amazon AWS, Removed RATs and added a desktop configuration I plan to update. If you have suggestions please send them to DMs if you’re able to or send me a message on discord: DARK RABBIT#3693 | ID: 936633527557046272 if you cannot as for that keep comments to a minimum drop a like and enjoy thx - Rabbit/Chloe out


I use Windows version of nmap (zenmap) frequently.

Something else is if anyone is brave enough to gain access to the scammer’s PC usually by hidden file that grants a reverse shell or something like that and you find they have the vanilla gift cards. If you have the full number and cvv you could report the card as stolen or lost. And actually dispute the charges like a normal card but you would need a id valid in the USA. Just a thought here is the back of the gift card slip not a actual card but the packaging which has a card on back to show what it looks like


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You could but scammers don’t typically use “Visa Prepaid” reason being is that a lot of vendors on Paxful require a receipt + writing which the scammers have to either Photoshop or do whatever else and that takes time and resources the cards also only work in the US or the country specified


Pushed an update due to some new developments, shut downs of some sites and added some new resources including gift card formats and more




Shoot it won’t let me post this because it’s an uncomplete sentenec.


It’s nice to have some feedback so thanks

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Hey I might have missed it on here but I’m in need of a real-ish looking passport picture. Not completely legit looking but bad enough to not be useful

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Use this person does not exist (Found above)

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