Scam Number: (877) 841-0002 / (866) 338-1248
Domain Used: (N/A)
Extra Info:

877# sent a text message that reads the following (yes, I cringe at how poorly worded they’ve done it. I am writing it as I see it):
“AMAZ0N fraud alert- Did you attempt this transaction of 849 ? If it is done by you please ignore this message. Or if you want to stop this transaction please call at 1-866-338-1248”

When you call and they answer just wait until this finish their opening bs script then simply say “Terrimakichoot, bhenchod!”. It INSTANTLY pisses them off, they gather their colleagues in the background and they start laughing at you and cussing you out, it’s hilarious!


@MajorLeeAwesome @drwat Happy scambaiting! :slight_smile:

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