Scam website number

i got this number when the scammer downloaded and installed a spyware program on my virtual machine that does fake scans call this number and spam the living heck out of them +1 855 737 4053 the website i got this number from was



Location: Uttar Pradesh, Delhi

City location is noida and his postal code is 201307

ISP: Airtel Bharti Broadband.

Hes on my we-em rn

i made a youtube video of the call. Hit me up if u want the link

Tried with fireRTC and it worked. called the guy a maderchod and a scammer but he pretended not to understand. This was my first time calling a working number so I’ll call him back when I have a vm up and running and really mess with 'em!

Update: called them back and I think they outsmarted burner number users, guy said the senior technician would call me back in 20 mins, gave him a fake number and he hung up...


Could you hand me over the link to their fake website? I just wanna "mess" with it for a bit. ^^

@Spatchy#11008 i already exposed one of the scammer’s ip so i think they have already caught up with all the scam baiting. Would u like a video of my call?

@Spatchy#11008 I recorded it as a video because im having problems with FireRTC recording thingy