Scam Time zones

So I am just starting in the realm of calling scammers but my problem is that I work during the day so when I can actually sit down and call anyone it is in the evening, late, like 11 pm - midnight. I find that a lot of the numbers i Call are ultimately closed. I’m guessing it just makes sense to not be open when the US is sleeping. How do I find numbers that would be from a different time zone, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community, @Jm1gic !

If you are in an American time zone, some types of scams will not be working when for you it is 11 pm or midnight. Some scams though might be working 24-hours a day, like for example some travel scams (airline tickets and/or hotel reservations).

If you are in a European time zone or in an Australian time zone or in a time zone of some country other than America, you might be able to get more scam numbers to answer when for you it is 11 pm or midnight.

Sometimes scam phone numbers are posted that are not American numbers but that are in the United Kingdom for example. If my memory serves me correctly, and it might not since my middle-aged mind is officially feeble, in this website there are once in awhile some United Kingdom scam phone numbers posted.

I feel for you. If you and in America and cannot scam bait and cannot harass scammers until around midnight in whatever American time zone you are, it can be difficult to find an active scam number that will answer.

thank you for the info! I think I might focus on the travel scams and put more time into calling those and keep some of the other numbers for daytime,

Thank you again!

Sure! There are Travel scam threads like SmartFares in this website, and in the posts of those threads sometimes you’ll see in a post the American time of the call and how some Travel scam numbers are answering at midnight American time or are answering during the night American time.