SCAM Tech Support

I just called 855-698-3241, its active, and pretended to be “Sara Lackey” from the Comsumer Fraud and Protection Foundation investigating complaints of fraud associated with this number. Grilled them on location, type of corporation, made them listen to Miranda warning, took names, threatened they looked suspicious and I would have to list them if he did not cooperate. Questioned ratio of employees to supervisors and said I needed to establish if they were practicing proper human resource protocols, whatever else I could think of, etc. Had him running SCARED.

Anup Mausam or Asif
41 Madison Ave 31st floor

He put me on hold, then came back, refused to answer any more questions, told me to call

I’m just doing that now to ? Thanks for the idea


Here's another idea - I called, spoke in an Indian accent and said "this is officer Mehta with the Ministry of Home Affairs". I think that is the equivalent of Indias FBI. Said I was investigating complaints of fraud. I could hear him crap his pants over the phone.?


@Flinty94#2722 how did it go? Lol

@gg802#2731 aren’t Indian and they are really arrogant that they aren’t a scam ?

I talked in a high voice and they guy said get your father to call and hung up