Scam number: 833 544 0897

Called using 000000 for someone I never heard of at an old place I lived at talking about some kind of document with case number and if they didn’t get a call back they would send the documents out to every place they lived before. At the beginning of the voice-mail you can hear a group of people talking before it goes dead silent and pre recorded massage is played.

@Johnfelt#159395 I called and the guy mumbled a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo at me. I asked the name of his company and he would not give it. I asked for a website and he started raising his voice. I asked if it was a collection agency. I told him I was trying to find out if this was a legitimate company and he started yelling about a reference number. Then when I pushed it he started swearing and talking over me. I said so I guess you are not legitimate and I am posting this number. He told me to F off. He also had a very strange accent as if he was trying to hide it. Gee, sounds like a great company. I have spoken to real companies who get posted here and they always are grateful for my help. This guy was a real nasty piece of work. Also, this phone number is not tied to any company anywhere.


@JusticeinTexas#159405 yeah I checked the number on a couple websites and they had a lot of people saying it was a scam call. Lol sounds like a great legal company.

@Johnfelt#159418 I have called numbers to verify them post and they have been legit. I spoke to a guy with a salvage yard in MN and he was grateful for my help. So grateful he kept texting me on my burner to thank me. This guy was so rude just like all scammers.

@JusticeinTexas#159427 as any legit service would be because its bad for business to be labeled as spam/scam especially during these times.

Number was doing the good old amazon refund for a long time, and then they switched to this:

Page 1 has the amazon refund texts on it.

How would this scam work - I’m guessing advance fee fraud and phishing?

@Telescope#159524 more then likely. Looks like they moved up to document scams, I saw that page and then this one: 833-544-0897 phone number details | SPAM or SAFE phone