Scam moving company

Scam Number: 719-318-1747
Domain Used:
So we posted a house for sale and received a phone call offering a free quote to move our belongings, knowing it was probably a scam.
They introduced themselves as “American movers” so they asked for zip codes of where to where we would move, before i could get a price they required a credit card number (which they didn’t get from me).

Nex day i called back now they changed their name to “van movers” so i complained about not getting my belongings moved and would like a refund, so i was transferred to a real moving company out of Florida to which they weren’t surprised about my experience and telling me they got a lot of complaints.

Next day I called back and after a short conversation with the scammer I put the phone on mute and layed it down, so about 5 minutes later they called back from 620-552-0939 and so i called them out about being a scammer they hung up.

Few days later i called back pretending to missed a call from them and didn’t have time to talk telling them to call me back a 3 hours. At this time they called back from another so they wanted to give me a quote so calling them a scammer they claimed to have a D.O.T number so i to him to give it to me so i could variety it so i got blocked by them.